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What Your Membership Gets You

Discover the IAFC - what you need when you need itAs an IAFC member, you have easy access to trusted resources that will build your confidence, enhance your skills and help you serve your community more safely and effectively.

Scroll down to view our benefits chart by member type.



  • IAFC KnowledgeNet, your online community for engaging with fellow members, seeking out answers and sharing solutions
  • Timely member alerts reporting on critical information and latest trends
  • Notification and analysis of federal grant opportunities
  • Concise summaries of fire service legislation and regulations
  • Operations and administrative resources
  • Recommended best practices and action plans
  • Mentor program for company officers
  • Electronic subscription to IAFC Bugle Brief
  • Electronic and print subscriptions to IAFC On Scene (Affiliate members receive the electronic version only.)


Peace of Mind

  • 24/7 access to online reports, checklists, templates and other resources
  • Knowing you have a trusted source for information and best practices
  • Keeping current with the latest news and trends in the fire service
  • Turning to your peers for help at any time on any issue
  • Having an advocate in Washington for the funding and support you need


Member Resource Guide

In addition to these benefits, IAFC members also receive special savings from our affinity partners.

Benefits Reg Basic Dept Affil
IAFC KnowledgeNet X X X X
Online members-only resources X X X X
Member directory X X X X
Member news alerts X X X X
On Scene
(21 e-issues/year)
IAFC Bugle Brief (24 issues) X X X X
IAFC On Demand discount X X X X
25% off Jones & Bartlett training publications X X X X
Officer development mentoring X X X X
Daily Dispatch subscription X X X X
FireRescue GPO membership X X X X
Join special interest sections* X X X X
Save on IAFC conference registration X   X X
Eligible to serve as IAFC rep. to outside organizations X     X
Eligible to serve on IAFC committee or task force X     X
On Scene
(9 print issues/year)
X   X  
IAFC voting privileges X   X (1 vote)  
Eligibility for IAFC elective office X      
Eligibility for life membership X      

*Separate fees apply

Still not finding what you need? Call or email us: 866-385-9110,