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Spotlight on FRI Presenters: Bill Tricarico & Dave Denniston

June 15, 2009

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IAFC On Scene: June 15, 2009

Fire Commissioner Bill TricaricoBill Tricarico
Fire Commissioner, Cortland, N.Y.
Past Chief, North Bellmore (N.Y.) Fire Department

Years of fire service experience: 25

Bill Tricarico is a past chief and past commissioner of the North Bellmore Fire Department on Long Island, where he served as a firefighter/EMT for over 25 years. He is currently fire commissioner for the City of Cortland, N.Y.

Bill is the director of Loss Control Services for Emergency Services Insurance Program in Cortland. He has also spent over 30 years as a risk-management consultant in the insurance industry. Bill is on the faculty of several fire service organizations, has spoken at many national conferences and has been published in several national fire service and EMS periodicals. He also currently serves on two NFPA technical committees and is a member of the IAFC’s Safety, Health & Survival Section.

Past Chief Dave DennistonDave Denniston
Past Chief, Cortlandville (N.Y.) Fire Department
Years of fire service experience: 20

David Denniston is a past chief of the Cortlandville Fire Department and is currently the client education and training manager for Emergency Services Insurance Program, also of Cortland. His fire service career has included being deputy fire coordinator for Cortland County, state fire instructor for the N.Y. Office of Fire Prevention and Control and a fire district commissioner in Virgil, N.Y. Dave currently sits on two NFPA technical committees and is a member of the IAFC’s Safety, Health & Survival Section.

Session Name: Extinguishing the Flames of Liability
Thursday, Aug. 27, 1:30 pm

Session Takeaways: An alarming number of firefighters across the country are being criminally charged, injured and killed while performing duties intended to protect the public. Fire service leaders also have an obligation to firefighters to provide a safe working environment and to the public to limit liability that may be imposed on their department. This no-holds barred session reviews the leading causes of injury, death and liability issues facing fire service organizations and provides sample procedures to help limit exposure.

Attendees will leave the seminar able to identify the top liability issues facing emergency service organizations today and with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities in preventing them from occurring in their department. The session will highlight the need for proper leadership and demonstrate how leadership can make or break an organization.