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Letter from IAFC President Chief Larry Grorud: Looking for Solutions? Look Here!

May 1, 2009

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issue of On Scene

IAFC On Scene: May 1, 2009

This edition of On Scene focuses on IAFC Services—a unique division of the IAFC. When you are looking for solutions, this is one source you should consider seriously.

IAFC Services offers cost-effective, high-quality, customized programs that allow you to improve your effectiveness in vital programs and functions. Working with IAFC Services, you will find it’s easier to address critical issues, seize new opportunities and solve short- and long-term challenges.

If you had a choice of vendors, wouldn’t you want to try one that is part of your own professional trade association? IAFC Services delivers consulting that is well targeted and well priced for these economic times. And you’ll receive the type of customer service that you deserve—on time and on target.

You can ask the IAFC Services staff to develop proposals for public-safety studies, leadership searches, staff-development research, evaluation of facility locations and incident critiques and investigations. Perhaps you want to explore outside assistance for strategic planning or human relations programs and development of policies and procedures.

If you want to find out more, contact Shawn Kelley (703-537-4835). The first thing you’ll notice is that Shawn knows the fire service well. He’s a retired assistant chief/chief fire marshall with the Arlington County (Va.) Fire Department, and he has more than 27 years in public-safety service. He and his staff already have a track record of achievements they would be pleased to cover with you so you may assess their credentials.

I guarantee it’s worth your time to give Shawn a call and start exploring with him potential new solutions for your department.

Chief Larry J. Grorud, CFO, MIFireE
IAFC President