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Thanks for attending FRI! The FRI highlights page features articles, videos, pictures and more. Here are some of the most requested post-show links:

CEUs: Attendees can access certificates/transcripts online.

If you believe your transcript is inaccurate or missing sessions, please email after FRI detailing the items that are inaccurate and/or missing with session ID, title, date/time, and a detailed explanation of why it's inaccurate. Upon review, we will manually edit your record as appropriate to reflect the updated information.

IAFC On Demand: Get the best of FRI all year long when you purchase IAFC On Demand and receive 200 hours of FRI education.

FRI 2015 Space Selection: Book your FRI 2015 exhibit space now.

FRI 2015 Save the Date: August 26-29 in Atlanta.

FRI Is a Great Investment

Chief fire officers and company officers who attend FRI gain volumes of knowledge, concepts and contacts to return to their community to make it safer. When budgets are tight as they are today, every dollar counts. FRI always provides a great value for the costs it takes to attend. FRI is a great investment in our personnel and in shaping the future of our fire departments.

— Kelvin J. Cochran, Fire Chief, Atlanta (GA) Fire Department

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