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Officer Development Program

The IAFC's Officer Development Program (ODP) was designed to prepare officers at various levels for future career advancement while giving them the leadership skills to excel in their current position.

The program was designed to be meet the necessary Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) as outlined in NFPA 1021 and follows leadership standards published in the Officer Development Handbook.

Executive Chief Officer Leadership Symposium- Level II (ECO II)

The Executive Chief Officer Leadership Symposium is made up of two levels preparing chief officers looking to move into the role of fire chief in the future. The courses in this program focus on marketing within your community, research and data, mutual aid, and consolidation and mergers. Attendees get the opportunity to learn from business executives and successful chiefs who share valuable insight about how to excel as a leader at the highest level.

FRI Is a Great Investment

Chief fire officers and company officers who attend FRI gain volumes of knowledge, concepts and contacts to return to their community to make it safer. When budgets are tight as they are today, every dollar counts. FRI always provides a great value for the costs it takes to attend. FRI is a great investment in our personnel and in shaping the future of our fire departments.

– Kelvin J. Cochran, Fire Chief, Atlanta (GA) Fire Department