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Officer Development Program (ODP)

Register for FRI todayThe IAFC's Officer Development Program (ODP) was designed to prepare officers at various levels for future career advancement while giving them the leadership skills to excel in their current position.

The program was designed to be meet the necessary Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) as outlined in NFPA 1021 and follows leadership standards published in the Officer Development Handbook. Check out each level of the Officer Development Program below.

Take the initiative, ask to attend! Here are 10 tips to justify your participation (pdf).

For more details on all that's happening at FRI be sure to check out these resources:

Company Officer Leadership Symposium (COLS)

Sponsored by American Military University (AMU)

The Company Officer Leadership Symposium was designed based on valuable feedback that today's company officers needed specific leadership training geared toward their department responsibilities. This comprehensive program has set learning objectives, many of which meet the JPRs as outlined in NFPA 1021 (Fire Officer 1 and II) and the IAFC Self-Development Dimensions. 

COLS I- Learning Objectives
COLS II- Learning Objectives
COLS III- Learning Objectives


  • Chief Officer Leadership Symposium (CHIEF)

    The Chief Officer Leadership Symposium program consists of two levels, one for those new to the role and the other for more veteran officers. Attendees learn from instructors with years of fire and emergency service and life experience in areas such as community risk reduction, human resources, operations, and health and safety. CHIEF learning objectives support JPRs outlined in NFPA 1021 (Fire Officer III and IV) and the IAFC Self-Development Dimensions.

    Chief I- Learning Objectives
    Chief II- Learning Objectives

  • Executive Chief Officer Leadership Symposium (ECO)

    The Executive Chief Officer Leadership Symposium is made up of two levels preparing chief officers looking to move into the role of fire chief in the future. The courses in this program focus on marketing within your community, research and data, mutual aid, and consolidation and mergers. Attendees get the opportunity to learn from business executives and successful chiefs who share valuable insight about how to excel as a leader at the highest level.

ODP Policies for Credit and Transcripts

ODP attendees must attend all sessions/days of the program in order to receive credit. Attendees cannot pick-and-choose between different levels of the program, nor can you complete part of the program one year at one location and finish it at a later date or location.

For example: if you register as ODP-CHIEF II, you must attend all CHIEF II sessions including daily briefings, the General Session, and dedicated expo time.  

FRI attendees are provided the opportunity to print transcripts and certificates onsite. Attendees will also be able to print certificates/transcripts from after FRI.

It is the attendee's responsibility to obtain his/her transcript and ensure it is accurate.

Speakers Were All Very Professional

FRI Denver was fantastic. It was my first one. The speakers were all very professional and I filled a notebook taking notes.

– Judah Mitchell, Battalion Chief, Santa Monica (CA) Fire Department