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Interested in presenting an On-Fire Leadership Webinar? We set the stage. You bring your best effort, a good topic and engage our audience. Email Chief John Oprandy for more information.

Succession Planning: Are You Ready to Move On?

This course will offer insight into the importance of proper succession planning as well as steps to create a successful plan for your department.

Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer: 6-11

Today, the science is there and we all know as a fact what cancer is doing to and in the fire and emergency service family. This is our call to action, and there's no time more important than now to take personal responsibility to act.

U.S. Federal Legislative Update

This webinar will help you to prepare for your meetings on Capitol Hill. The presenters will discuss proposed funding for important U.S. federal fire-service programs such as the U.S. Fire Administration, the FIRE and SAFER Grant programs; and federal wildland-fire programs.

Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer: 1-5

In this first of two webinars, VCOS & NVFC presenters outlined five of the eleven best practices for preventing firefighter cancer.

Public Outreach in the Volunteer Fire Service: Educating the Community You Serve

Learning unique ways to host public outreach events, that can also serve a recruitment opportunities, will strengthen community ties and membership.

Fire, Rescue and EMS 10 Cancer Commandments

This webinar introduced the concepts behind the ribbon report and the need for each of us to take personal responsibility to limit exposure to carcinogens that we encounter on a daily basis.
IAFC Academy

Chief 101

Self-Paced Online
Interactive training for chief-level officers to effectively execute roles and responsibilities of volunteer department leadership positions.
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Overcoming Cultural Barriers for a More Inclusive Volunteer Workforce

Strategies for engaging, recruiting and retaining volunteers from diverse backgrounds and communities
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A Practical Approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the Volunteer Fire Service

Learn how to build a diverse and inclusive department that accurately reflects your community
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Barriers to Volunteering: How a Traditional Approach is Limiting Your Department

Learn ways to recruit new members from untapped pockets of your community.
IAFC Academy

National Safety Culture Change Initiative

Self-Paced Online
Hour-long online course to help identify and mitigate individual and organizational behaviors that adversely impact firefighter health and safety
Fire dynamics flow modeling

Fire Dynamics Terminology

Self-Paced Online
Hour-long online course overviewing new fire dynamics terms like heat flux, flow path and more, and their science-based definitions.
IAFC Academy

Structural Firefighting Research

Self-Paced Online
Hour-long online course examining horizontal, vertical, natural and mechanical ventilation as well as wind-driven fires.
Compressed hydrogen

Hydrogen Response Considerations

Self-Paced Online
This 2-hour, 4-module online course focuses on basic education on hydrogen fuels.
Propane Emergencies 1280x720

Propane Emergencies

Self-Paced Online
This web-based training course expands awareness of critical response information and issues related to propane hazards
IAFC Academy - Iowa ethanol plant - public domain photo

Ethanol Emergencies Training

Self-Paced Online
Online course on ethanol fuels incident response including the use, characteristics, transportation modes, transfer operations, basics of foam, tactics and strategies, and environmental issues
Regional Rail Response Online

Rural Response to Rail Incidents

This training is designed to help you better understand the rail industry, response efforts and agency-specific roles should a train derailment or similar incident occur in your area.