High Performance Coaching and Leadership Academy

April 30 - May 3, 2019 Merritt College, Oakland, CA

The IAFCESCI and 1SmartCareer  proudly partner to bring the "coach approach" to performance management by communicating simply and powerfully.  This event is being held April 30 - May 3 in Oakland, California, at Merritt College; event time is 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

Participants will learn to coach their peers and reduce internal personnel issues by combining peer support, 1:1 leadership coaching, facilitation and accountability for results.   

Session topics include:

  • Performance Management and Mentoring 
  • Comprehensive Thinking - High Performance Tripod and Timeline
  • Ethics and Leadership Values 
  • Conflict Management and Accountability Plans 

Leadership academy class size is limited to 44 attendees.     


Who Should Attend?

Current officers / Future-potentials / New officers / Mid-level Chiefs

Symposium Class Content:
  • Leadership Foundation / Preparing Officers / Setting Expectations / Dashboard and 30-Day Accountability Plans 
  • Think Comprehensively - High Performance Tripod and Timeline / Crisis Management & Leadership
  • Who are we Leading - Generational Differences 
  • Conflict Management and Having Difficult Conversations / Dealing with Politics

$899 (discount pricing ends December 31, 2018) $949 beginning January 1; includes a four-day, in person symposium, followed by two coaching and two mentoring sessions over four months

  • Great ROI, with Practical, Measurable Emphasis, on Results, Powerful Approach, Flexible
  • Officers that are better problem solvers and managers 
  • Fewer issues coming to the Fire Chief's desk
  • Participants learn to coach their peers and reduce internal personnel issues