IAFC Strategic Direction

"The status of the IAFC has been built upon the leadership and expertise of the organization’s members, and working diligently behind the scenes has been the organization’s staff. Together they are responsible for the success of the IAFC."

- IAFC Commemorative History, 2000

IAFC 2023 - 2025 Strategic Initiative Plan

Download the 2023-2025 Strategic Initiative Plan (pdf)

The IAFC 2023 - 2025 Strategic Initiative Plan (SIP) was adopted by the IAFC Board on January 11, 2023, and sets the goals and strategic initiatives of the IAFC for FY 2023, FY 2024, and FY 2025.

The 2023 - 2025 SIP was developed using a three-phase process that included member focus groups and IAFC stakeholder meetings throughout 2022. The SIP builds upon our successful financial and operational recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on our organization and aligns our goals and supporting initiatives with the IAFC's vision and mission.

Through the direction set forth in the SIP, our CEO/Executive Director can align the efforts of our IAFC staff to achieve the initiatives in support of our effort to LEAD, EDUCATE, SERVE, & INCLUDE the fire and emergency service in North America and abroad.

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