Want to Join an IAFC Committee?

IAFC members play a vital role in the association's governance, policy and programs functions through the work of committees. Committee members are subject-matter experts who gather critical information, produce reports and recommendations and provide guidance to the IAFC Board of Directors.

The IAFC is now looking for members to fill the committee openings listed below. These vacancies will be filled immediately, with terms beginning during Fire-Rescue International in August.

Committee members serve a three-year term and are expected to attend their respective committee meeting sat Fire-Rescue International every year. Each committee has a maximum of 12 members, including the chair.

To Apply

Please send your full contact information, resume and letter of interest to Robin Zahory by Monday, February 19.

Your letter of interest should indicate committee preference and your resume should provide details demonstrating your qualifications for this position. Your IAFC membership should be current.

We ask that you apply for one, but no more than two openings.


The Communications Committee focuses on wireless-communication issues that affect the U.S. fire service and public safety:

  • Analyzes current issues for their impact
  • Analyzes legislative proposals from Congress and works with the administration on communications issues
  • Works with private-sector organizations that develop proposals of interest to public-safety communications

Contact Jim Goldstein with questions about qualifications.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Committee is responsible for addressing issues of mutual aid and providing state-to-state coordination and oversight to interstate and national mutual aid systems projects, including:

  • Providing advice and assistance as requested to states as they exercise and maintain their mutual aid plans
  • Developing educational programming for chief fire officers on emergency management related topics
  • Maintaining ongoing communication and relationships with national emergency-management associations specifically related to the EMAC process

Contact Amber Wells with questions about qualifications.

Hazardous Materials

The Hazmat Committee serves as the IAFC's subject-matter experts on hazardous materials and dangerous goods:

  • Monitors and identifies trends in emergency response to hazmat incidents nationally and internationally
  • Monitors and provides recommendations about development of new equipment and associated training and tactics
  • Develops lessons learned from major incidents
  • Works closely with Congress and federal agencies to ensure federal law, regulations and policies are written and implemented to meet the needs of the fire and emergency service and the communities it protects

Contact John Woulfe with questions about qualifications.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee provides strategic direction in professional development to meet the fire and emergency service leadership challenges of today and tomorrow and to make the IAFC the national focus in the development of effective and successful incumbent and future chief fire officers.

Contact Jason Nauman with questions about qualifications.

Program Planning

The Program Planning Committee develops a comprehensive, entertaining and informative educational program for Fire-Rescue International. Each year, the committee calls for papers and evaluates presentation proposals to determine applicability to the conference audience, as well as quality and merit of material submitted.

Contact Jason Nauman with questions about qualifications.

Terrorism and Homeland Security

The Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee provides guidance to the IAFC and policymakers about how to prepare for the next terrorist attack:

  • Identifies terrorism and homeland-security issues for IAFC advocacy
  • Fosters and maintains crucial relationships with homeland-security leaders
  • Strengthens IAFC visibility as the fire service leader on terrorism and homeland-security issues

Contact Ken LaSala with questions about qualifications.

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