You're a New Chief-level Officer. Now What?

Congratulations on your promotion to the chief-level officer ranks. You got here by working hard and earning the trust of your firefighters but now you’ve got new problems to solve. How do you handle personnel conflicts? How does your town or city want you to write your budget? What other responsibilities are going to land on your doorstep that you don’t even know about yet?

The CFCA, in partnership with the IAFC, has launched a new online chief-level course, Chief 101.  This course is designed to help fire chiefs in volunteer fire departments effectively execute the roles and responsibilities of a leadership position and answer the questions poised above. The course will take up to two hours to complete with interactive segments such as quizzes and videos on topics including:

  • Understanding and balancing your responsibilities
  • Supervising your team
  • Overseeing the department
  • Managing the budget

This course is designed for chief-level officers across the United States so please share it with your fire service colleagues.

Create or log into your IAFC Academy/Helix account to find Chief 101 and additional Volunteer Workforce Solutions trainings coming soon. There's no fee for an account or the Chief 101 online training.

If you have any questions, please contact Adam D’Agostino via email or by phone at 703-896-4822 or Chief Fred Dudek via email.

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