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Webinar: Unaware, Unwilling or Unable? Identify and Manage 3 Types of Underperforming Employees

April 21, 2021, 1 p.m. ET

District Chief Sobieski offers strategies for handling performance issues and details how to develop a performance improvement plan.

Company and chief officers have likely spent some time studying leadership and management, much of it focusing on motivating, inspiring and developing your people. The problem: Much of this content is geared toward members who already want to be lead, and are eager to learn and excel. There is a considerable dearth of information on what to do with underperforming employees who show minimal motivation.

In this webinar, District Chief Christopher Sobieski helps identify the problem:

  1. Is the member unaware of their performance issue?
  2. Is the member unable to perform at the expected level?
  3. Is the member simply unwilling to face the problem?

Chief Sobieski presents scenarios to help officers open the eyes of the unaware, support the unable, and handle the unwilling. He then details how to implement a performance improvement plan (PIP) to identify the root cause of shortcomings, then determine how to get the employee back in compliance with work standards or how to define a course of action if that does not occur.

Register on the Fire Rescue 1 website. 

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