How GIS is Helping Improve Fire/EMS Operations

53 minutes

Summary: This webinar explains what geographical information system (GIS) technology is and why it’s becoming a strategic tool for fire departments across the globe. The webinar also explains how GIS supports data-driven decision-making in a fire department and how GIS can help with nagging data management and integration problems, especially with the advent of many web-based features available to departments.

Jennifer Schottke, Fire/Rescue and Public Safety Policy, ESRI
Troy Puchan, Public Safety GIS Analyst, Public Safety Information Technology, Weld County (Colo.)
Laura Hitt, Chief of Staff, Tualatin Valley Fire Rescue (Ore.)
Marybeth Danielson, Planning Specialist, Tualatin Valley Fire Rescue
Mike Cox, Assistant Chief of Operations, Henrico County (Va.) Division of Fire
Robin Patton, Applied Technology Specialist, Henrico County Division of Fire
Jackson Baynard, IMT Plans Chief, Henrico County Division of Fire

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