Step Up and Stand Out Webinar

1 hour, 12 minutes

Summary: This webinar will introduce you to the Step Up and Stand Out program, a national campaign to increase awareness of the need for volunteer firefighters. Learn how you can nominate a volunteer for an award and how you can hold an open house or community event to spread the word about the benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter.

  • Build awareness of the Step Up and Stand Out Campaign
  • Learn strategies for recruiting and retaining talent in the fire service
  • Educate volunteer fire departments how to teach fire and life safety education using community events
  • Create an understanding of how to utilize local media as a communications tool

Shane Crutcher, Fire Chief, Rineyville Volunteer Fire Department, (Ky.) VCOS Vice Chair 
Charles Flynn, Fire Chief, Suffield Fire Department, (Conn.), VCOS Board Member
Michael O’Brian, Fire Chief, Brighton Area Fire Authority, (Mich.) Chair FLSS Section
Kelly Ransdell, Regional Education Specialist, NFPA
Jeff Donahue, Regional Education Specialist, NFPA
Neal Zipser, Community Affairs Manager, Kidde
Katie Wilson, Fahlgren Mortine

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