Critical Questions Every Fire/EMS Chief Should Ask Their City/County Managers!

1 hour, 2 minutes

Summary:  Serving your community means understanding what it needs and asking the right questions of political and community leaders. This webinar will allow you to understand what questions to ask, and how to shape your agencies needs to successfully navigate the economic and political landscape.

The most important questions for a fire chief involve understanding the economic and political realities facing your agency. Come hear this duo of academics, former fire chiefs and city/county manager explain what is influencing your city/county manager and political leaders, what questions you should be asking them, and how to respond to their questions and expectations of your department.

  • Understand the economic motivators for requests for efficiencies
  • Understand the growing political realities that are motivators for exploring alternative delivery models
  • Develop a framework for successfully navigating the economic and political influences of change

Presenters: Dr. Steve Knight, Fitch & Associates, LLC
Dr. Bruce Moeller, Fitch & Associates, LLC

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