Stressful Conditions and Crowd Behavior - How Properly Trained Crowd Managers Can Be Life Savers

1 hour, 5 minutes

Summary: This presentation will explore the differences between how people respond to stimulus as individuals versus how they respond when in a crowd. The research on this issue indicates significant differences in behavior, which sometimes lead to disastrous outcomes.

By visiting the core research principles, along with a series of case studies to determine how disasters related to crowds under stress (fire and other emergencies); participants will learn to identify methods that can be used to avoid such catastrophes and visit the code requirements contained in model fire codes including those developed by the National Fire Protection Association and the International Code Council. Webinar will conclude with a discussion on available crowd manager training courses and how to assess them for validity and effectiveness for your jurisdiction.


  • Understand the psychological theories relating to crowd behavior
  • Understand and implement methodologies to mitigate crowd behaviors that might result in injuries or fatalities
  • Understand the code requirements for trained crowd managers in both NFPA and ICC fire codes
  • Assess crowd manager training programs for validity, accuracy and appropriateness
  • Provide assembly managers with a clear compliance path to code requirements related to trained crowd managers

Jim Tidwell, Fire Marshal, Ret., Fort Worth Fire Department, Fire Code Consultant, Tidwell Consulting Corp.

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