Documentation for Fire and EMS Providers

1 hr 11 minutes VCOS logo - IAFC Volunteer and Combination Officers Section

This webinar reviewed best practices for documentation and discussed the most contemporary method of documentation; utilizing electronic or paper medical records or other electronic recording devices. Presentation also discussed the current laws related to release of these documents, HIPAA and other rules and regulations related to documentation and security of those documents.


  • How to write a legally relevant document for fire responses using NIFRS or other relevant documentation program
  • How to provide medically relevant documentation protecting the department from legal liability
  • Discuss the legal basis of writing a good narrative for EMS and Fire rather than solely checking the box
  • Understand why sentence structure and spelling are important in your narratives
  • Understand why medical releases or AMA’s are so important
  • Learn how to secure the document and a basis for release of such documentation under the law
  • Discuss HIPAA - Protected Health Information - disclosures and the medical record disclosure process

Presenter: John K. Murphy JD, Deputy Fire Chief (Ret), Murphy Law Group

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