IAFC Legislative Update

58 minutes Resource

Summary:  As you get ready to attend the National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner on April 6, find out what’s happening in Washington.

The IAFC’s Government Relations staff provided an update on the reauthorization of the FIRE and SAFER grant programs, tax reform; and the replacement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Presenters discussed developments in public safety communications issues, such as the status of FirstNet’s rollout of a nationwide broadband network and emerging issues, such as federal efforts to help communities to mitigate the effects of wildland fires.

This webinar was designed to help you be fully informed when you meet with your Senators and Representatives in April.

Participants learned:

  • What’s happening with the new Administration and Congress
  • Status of the efforts to reauthorize and fund the FIRE and SAFER grant programs
  • Issues such as health care reform and tax reform how they will affect the fire and emergency
  • What’s new in federal issues like firefighter health and safety, wildland fire response and public safety communications

Ken LaSala, Director of IAFC Government Relations and Policy
Jim Goldstein, Government Relations Manager
Evan Davis, Government Relations Manager


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