Get More of What You Want: Positive Influence and Ethical Persuasion Techniques

  • April 13, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Online
Influence propagation schema

Summary:  In today’s dynamic and resource-scarce environment, fire and rescue professionals are charged with keeping their communities safe, healthy, and economically viable despite increasingly challenging circumstances.  

This presentation aims to help first responders maximize their performance by removing or mitigating obstacles that prevent them from achieving their mission and will address how to increase the likelihood of success in situations such as these:  

  • Enhancing firefighter safety and health
  • Obtaining necessary resources
  • Creating a positive image for the agency
  • Educating major stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Developing collaborative labor-management relationships
  • Gaining the community’s active support
  • Changing undesirable behaviors to desirable ones
  • Building and maintaining key relationships


  •  How to increase the safety, health, and economic viability within communities
  • How to improve ability to persuade others (ethically) to do what they want
  • Learn to create and maintain a positive, motivating work environment
  • Learn to enhance leadership credibility

Pat Lynch, PhD, President of Business Alignment Strategies, Inc.