Regional Rail Response Training - Madison

  • May 20, 2017 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • North Florida Community College Madison, FL

This Regional Rail Response Training will be taught by the IAFC in association with the ALERT Grant from DOT PHMSA. It is designed to bring local and regional agencies together to understand better the response efforts and roles should a train derailment, or incident occurs and to discuss unified and coordinated response activities to a train derailment scenario, involving crude oil. After this 8-hour session, you will be better prepared to respond to a rail incident.

What you will gain:

An understanding of the response disciplines and associated roles during a response to a rail incident.

Knowledge about the industry and rail lines within your region, including the commodities that are transported.

An understanding of the need for a coordinated effort when responding to an incident, and how to effectively manage available resources.

Experience in a group exercises to reinforce the training concepts around a train derailment scenario.

8 hours of training credits towards your annual hazardous material training requirement through the IAFC Academy.