The Future of Pre-Incident Planning for a Modern Response

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For decades, pre-incident data has been a challenge for the fire service.  On commercial structures, we only have data collected manually through pre-incident planning, a time consuming and expensive exercise that often leaves us with out-of-date, incomplete information.  Any data we collect is simply not in a format easily consumed when responding and is often ignored.    Residential structures are where most injuries occur, and we receive nothing more than call type and location. 

In partnership with First Due Size-Up,  participants viewed how using modern technology to collect and use actionable data on every building for every call is now possible.


  • Obtain actionable information on every building and every call - even residential  
  • Learn about consumable pre-incident data formatted in seconds 
  • Discussion on automated data collection that lessens the burden on your personnel to collect critical data
  • Pre-incident planning is more than just a sketch!


Andreas Huber, CEO, First Due Size-Up
Kevin Collier, Director of Client Success, First Due Size-Up 
Rami El-choufani, COO & Head of Product, First Due Size-Up

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