Interviewing for the Fire/Rescue Positions - Plagued with Problems

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The IAFC and ESCI, the consulting arm of the IAFC, presented the fourth in a series of webinars exploring how fire service leaders can best address personnel-management challenges in fire departments today. Hosted by Cassi L. Fields, PhD., vice president of ESCI Human Capital Division, Interviewing for Fire/Rescue Positions - Plagued with Problems, discussion with Jennifer Flaig, on the interviewing pitfalls and to learn how to best construct interviews to help F/R leaders select the best people for all positions in your Department. The presenter informed on the many types of interview questions, variations of panels scoring interviews and multiple methods to enhance the defensibility, practicality and validity of these interviews. 

Jennifer Flaig, Director, ESCI Human Capital Division

Participants learned to:

  • Identify interview pitfalls
  • Identify methods to create valid and consistent interviews
  • Select the right panelists and train them correctly

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