Developing Inclusive Teams Workshop Pilot

  • April 2 - 3, 2022
  • IAFC HQ Chantilly, VA
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This is the IAFC’s pilot course for “Developing Inclusive Teams Workshop.” 

The “Developing Inclusive Teams Workshop” will define diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to create a common language for learners, allow learners to reflect on their own experiences with DEI, and explore how their social location impacts their perceptions of themselves and others. Students will leave the course with a strong foundation to create and support inclusive environments where everyone is welcomed and appreciated.

The course is interactive, placing the student in thought-provoking situations through role play, group and individual exercises, and class discussion. These situations mimic real world situations, and the training will show attendees how to deal with them in an effective way. The goal of the course is to teach volunteer and combination fire department leaders how to handle personnel situations dealing with inclusion, equity, harassment, discrimination, and other diversity issues. 

Cost: Free and travel expenses (airfare, mileage, hotel, food, etc.) are reimbursable within certain guidelines.

Pre-requisite: Anyone wishing to take this course, must first complete a one-hour online class. The pre-course work can be found at: IAFC Academy > Catalog > Leadership > It’s Your Turn: Scenarios for Developing Inclusive Teams.

Questions: Contact Kaitlin Lutz at klutz@iafc.org

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