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Thriving in This New Era

Facing difficult challenges head-on is what we do as fire service leaders. And our greatest success comes when we work together. Because when people unite, things get done.

While FRI 2020 will be different from past years, our aim remains the same: learning that is purposeful, challenging and engaging, providing opportunities to cultivate meaningful relationships, and supporting your advancement and sustained success.

#GETREADY to join us at FRI 2020 as we reunite and re-imagine our profession and recommit to ourselves as fire service leaders.

Latest on COVID-19

The FRI program will have the tools needed to assist your department in the wake of COVID-19. These past months have shown the importance of career development—come together to collaborate on lessons learned and best practices from this pandemic.

#FRI2020 Going Digital

If you can’t make it to the live conference, FRI is planning a new, virtual event format. This virtual experience will provide access to educational resources on timely issues and the insights you need to keep your community safe.

Risk-Free Registration!

You can cancel your registration for any reason and with no penalty. If you decide to cancel, you can opt for a full refund or transfer your registration to FRI 2021.

Exhibit Hall

The FRI 2020 Exhibit Hall will feature:

  • All five hubs with a fully functional restaurant/bar
  • New exhibitor products
  • More (and better) food and beverage options
  • Increased networking space for attendees and exhibitors
  • Experts in our hubs facilitating short and concise educational moments