FRI Podcast Series

Virtual Reality Applications of Community Risk Reduction

Discover Madison Fire & Rescue virtual reality experiences.

Fighting in the Gray Areas: Where Red Meets Blue on Active Shooter Incidents 

This session will discuss the various perspectives from fire, EMS, and law enforcement when an active shooter incident occurs.

Succession Planning: A Real World Scenario of Success

This presentation will chronicle the leadership transition of a very successful fire service agency over a seven-year period and will profile in detail those steps taken to prepare for the agency's next leaders.

Building an Aggressive Volunteer Culture Through Training

An aggressive operational culture demands a strong foundation in training to ensure competence prevails over recklessness.

Automated Drug Dispensing System 

The LA County Fire Department launched a hub and spoke network of Automated Drug Dispensing Systems (ADDS) in June 2017. Doing so required drafting state legislation and partnering with both the DEA, California Board of Pharmacy, Los Angeles Department of Health Services, vendors, etc. The end result is a streamlined system that enhances access, security, and accountability of controlled drugs.

Off-Duty Conduct: I Can Do What I Want, Right?

Where does regulation of off-duty and personal behavior begin and end?