Learning Labs

FRI 2018 Schedule

Thursday, August 9

Time Subject Presenter /POC
4 - 5 PM DHS Presentation on Researchers and First Responders TBD
5 - 7 PM IAFC/OSU Research Poster Program Richard Miller

Friday, August 10

Time Subject Presenter /POC
11 AM Mayhem on the Streets of England Chief Kevin McGee
Noon How to Be More Efficient at Your Job - A Digital Tool Showcase Tim Hopkins
12:30 PM Bullying, A Link in the Chain of Violence Chief David Daniels
1 PM Tackling the Promotional Process In Baskets Jenn Flaig
1:30 PM Preparing for the Panel Interview Jenn Flaig
2 PM Transforming Fire & EMS Operations Using GIS Mike Cox & Kevin Armstrong
2:30 PM How GIS Can Help Fire Chiefs Manage Performance Measures and Accreditation Mike Cox & Kevin Armstrong
3 PM Lavender Ribbon Report: 11 Best Practices for Firefighter Cancer Prevention VCOS & NVFC Members
3:30 PM Launching The National Mutual Aid System Jeff Dulin & CY Cole-Juvare
4 PM Firefighter Near Miss: Next Steps Tommy Bishop & Andrew Beck

Saturday, August 11

Time Subject Presenter /POC
10 AM Managing the New Reality Sheldon Gilbert, CEO, ESCI
10:30 AM Moving Forward or Falling Back: Planning for Your Agency's Future Lane Wintermute, ESCI
11 AM Yellow Ribbon Report: Sizing Mental Wellness Up, With Action! VCOS Members
11:30 AM New Volunteer Resources from the IAFC Monica Willemssen
Noon Bullying, A Link in the Chain of Violence Chief David Daniels