Learning Formats

#GETREADY to shake up your learning style.

Just as the fire service must continuously evolve to meet today’s challenges, so too must the way we approach and deliver learning. At FRI 2020, get ready to experience new learning formats that will engage, challenge, inspire and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Master Class

A Master Class is deep learning aligned with career and knowledge pathways to maximize learning outcomes.


Who doesn’t like a good story? Edutainment is learning that both educates and entertains, creating an experience that inspire and refreshes.


Story Slam

Storytelling & Solution, time 8-10 minutes each, multiple Slams in one block of time.

Ignite! Sessions

5-minute presentation with 20 slides on a timer.



Game-Changers are led by thought leaders from diverse perspectives sharing revolutionary ideas and actions.

Deep Dives

A Deep Dive is targeted development of skills and abilities featuring high levels of interactivity.


Key Notes

A keynote features world-class experts who inspire by sharing unique experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

Express Talks

An Express Talk is a short, 20-minutes or less, Ted Talk-style presentations.


Action Labs

An Action Lab is a workshop-style environment with hands-on, tactile interactivity.


Workshops are "typical" in-depth practical instruction to enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Informal Learning

Informal Learning is random, informal areas for discussion and peer collaboration.


A Hackathon is a lengthy (4-hour) small group collaboration to discuss a specific issue and develop an implementable solution or "fix."