Sponsorship Opportunities

Elevate your brand awareness with the largest audience of fire service leadership as a 2018 Fire-Rescue International Sponsor.

2017 attendee demographics were:

  • 67% chiefs and chief officers
  • 47% identify themselves as decision makers
  • 28% identify as recommend purchases or are researching services and products

Conference sponsorships are powerful opportunities to expand your reach, enhance your presence and achieve your marketing goals. As an added benefit, FRI conference sponsorship automatically enrolls you in our Corporate Partner Bugle Program, providing benefits all year long.

Each FRI 2018 sponsorship includes these general sponsorship benefits:

  • Added Priority Points for FRI 2019 space selection: One point per $1,000 of sponsorship
  • Complimentary pre- and post-show attendee mailing list
  • Company ID on sponsor recognition signage at the Convention Center for the duration of FRI 2018
  • Company ID on IAFC's FRI website sponsor page
  • Recognition in the official onsite guide

Networking Events & Opportunities

Presidential Celebration

The Presidential Celebration will be held Saturday, August 11. This celebration is a special time to honor the work of our outgoing President, Chief Jenkins, and welcome our new officers. Attendees will enjoy delicious food and the company of colleagues and friends as we wrap up FRI 2018.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Exclusive access to approximately 350 attendees
  • Ability to bring brief remarks
  • All access registration for up to 5 representatives
  • VIP reserved seating for up to 5 representatives
  • Logoed give-away item (with prior approval by IAFC)

Welcome Reception

Welcome attendees to Dallas during our Welcome Reception on Wednesday, August 8 from 5 PM - 7 PM. Open to all conference registrants, this event is a great way for attendees to network with fellow attendees! Food, bar, and entertainment will be part of this fun and engaging kick-off event.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Kickoff celebration for FRI which sets the tone for the conference
  • Exclusive access to approximately 1,600 attendees
  • Attendance has grown from 800 in 2015,  1,137 in 2016, 1,546 in 2017!
  • Opportunity for visibility and networking
  • Ability to bring brief remarks
  • Logoed give-away item (with prior approval by IAFC)

Grand Opening Reception

The traditional FRI exhibit hall kickoff will be anything but....so here's your chance to really "Wow!" every attendee. The Grand Opening Reception will take place in the exhibit hall on the opening evening, Thursday, August 9  from 5 PM - 7 PM. Guests will enjoy appetizers and beverages, while strolling through the technology displays.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Welcome drinks will be available in your booth
  • Logoed napkins located at bar and food stations throughout the exhibit hall
  • Exclusive access to approximately 9400 attendees
  • All access registration for up to 5 company representatives
  • Logoed give-away item (with prior approval by IAFC)
  • Corporate ID on Exhibit Hall Reception tickets

Diversity Breakfast

Reach a specific group of attendees with the Diversity Breakfast sponsorship. The Native American Chief Officers, Hispanic Chief Officers, Women Chief Officers and Black Chief Officers will hold a breakfast to celebrate diversity in the fire and emergency services. The breakfast sponsor will have the opportunity to welcome the guests from the podium (3-5 minutes) and distribute company literature. This powerful session continues to grow each year.

2017 – 201 attendees
2016 – 163 attendees
2015 – 133 attendees
2014 – 109 attendees

  • Ability to network with more than 200 Chiefs and Chief and Company Officers committed to diversity in the fire service
  • Ability to network with Board members in attendance
  • VIP invitation and seating for up to (3) representatives to include (3) all access passes 
  • Opportunity to give brief welcome remarks
  • Opportunity to distribute a flyer or logoed giveaway item at tables with pre-approval of IAFC (tables are set in rounds for people to eat).
  • Buffet breakfast is served.
  • Logo in FRI Conference brochure (15,000 distribution) – deadline May 1
  • As this is a ticketed event, ability for the IAFC to provide pre/post attendee list to include name, title, department, city, state

Street Party

The Street Party is a great chance to connect with attendees from around the country in a laid back setting while enjoying food and entertainment. This popular event continues to grow each year!

2017 – 1,478 attendees
2016 – 779 attendees
2015 – 608 attendees
2014 – 600 attendees

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Location: Dallas, TX; Date: Friday, August 10 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Exclusive access to approximately 1500 attendees
  • Ability to make brief remarks during event from prominent location
  • FRI 2018 All access registration for up to ten (10) representatives
  • Opportunity to provide logoed give-away item (with prior approval by IAFC)
  • Opportunity to provide promotional/marketing video to IAFC to be showcased in promident location
  • Private use VIP area- IAFC to provide food & beverage within space
  • Company ID on Street Party tickets

Mobile App Sponsorship- SOLD

The mobile app for Fire-Rescue International provides you with the opportunity to connect with attendees in a unique and personal way. The custom-designed, comprehensive mobile app puts all event information at the attendees' fingertips- anytime, anywhere- with real-time updates provided at the conference. In 2017, 93% of attendees used the mobile app to create their agenda, receive alerts, and connect with peers. The dashboard was visited 271/021 times!

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Company ID to appear on splash screen. This screen appears every time a user launches the app
  • Up to three [3] push notifications from your company delivered at pre-determined times
  • One [1] rotating banner ad

Shakers Session

This VIP invitation only event is held at FRI and is extended to two (2) Chief Officers from each department registered for FRI. Sponsors have the opportunity to join with more than 40 department officers for an exclusive leadership conversation facilitated by experts in the field. The Shakers Session will address high level strategic concerns facing departments and communities, as well as some of the “wicked issues” that IAFC’s CEO/Executive Director, Mark Light, has been highlighting in recent years. We prioritize issues generated in the room and then discuss outcome-based solutions. This high-level discussion often informs product development and service improvements for the companies that sponsor. The experience continues in an informal setting at a networking reception immediately following the conclusion of the Shakers Session where participants from will gather to network and continue discussion. This provides an opportunity to enhance existing relationships and establish new ones.

Education Events

FRI Educational Sessions

Sponsor a specific FRI session Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and show your company's commitment to education. We will work with you to find the session that best aligns with your company’s goals and mission.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Ability to network with more than 100 attendees in the session
  • Up to three (3) all access passes
  • Opportunity to give brief welcome remarks
  • Opportunity to distribute a flyer or logoed giveaway item at tables with pre-approval of IAFC
  • Corporate ID on sponsor signage at classroom entrances and throughout the convention center for the duration of FRI

FRI Educational Tracks- (Multiple Tracks)

Only the IAFC provides specific leadership programs for company officers, chief officers, new fire chiefs and veteran chiefs. FRI education is divided into tracks to help you quickly and easily find the sessions that interest you and meet your specific needs. From emerging topics to operations, the Fire-Rescue International program covers the wide spectrum of topics that affect today's leaders. Fire-Rescue International covers the following tracks:

  • Wicked Problems & Presidential Priorities
  • Administration & Human Relations
  • Community Risk Reduction
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • All-Hazards Management
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Safety, Health, & Wellness
  • Emerging Trends
  • Company Officer Leadership - Levels I, II, and III
  • Chief Officer Leadership Symposium- Levels I and II
  • Executive Chief Officer Leadership Symposium- Level I and II

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Company ID will be present on pre- marketing materials such as: brochures, email campaigns highlighting the CHIEF program and FRI website
  • Ability to welcome attendees 
  • Company video playing at session start
  • Corporate ID on sponsor signage at classroom entrances and throughout the convention center for the duration of FRI
  • Five [5} complimentary all access FRI registrations
  • 8’ table to display company materials

Registration/Conference Amenities

Registration- SOLD

The registration area is where every conference attendee, speaker, exhibitor and special guest will take note of your company. Be the first thing attendees see when they check into Fire-Rescue International with a powerful welcome!

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Banner ad on conference registration web page
  • Corporate ID on attendee e-newsletters
  • Corporate ID on each registration kick panel and back counters behind registration in a prominent fashion
  • Each attendee will be given a Lanyard with your Company ID to wear throughout the week
  • Opportunity to have literature located on each registration desk
  • Corporate ID will be showcased on the registration check-in screen
  • Corporate ID will be promoted in pre-conference marketing campaigns, the conference website and in the official onsite guide
  • Opportunity to distribute a flyer or giveaway item in the attendee bags

Enhanced eBooth Listing @ $500

An enhanced eBooth listing offers exhibitors additional avenues for reaching and impressing fire service leadership/ Exhibitors who enhance their ebooth listing will Increase traffic to your eBooth 4-5 times, Enhance web exposure and search engine results, Promote your products and service 24/7/365, Maximize ROI and generate high quality new leads, and Increase your online leads by 3-4 times 

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Company ID will be seen by everyone who visits the Interactive Event Map.
  •  File Type: .gif, .jpeg, or .png. Less than 30KG, not to exceed 250w x 120h pixels.
  • Company Profile expands from 800 characters to 1000 characters
  • Ability to add up to [10] product categories to increase search results
  • Ability to display up to [3] products
  • Ability to upload [2] press releases
  • Spotlight up to [2]  special discounts and giveaways
  • Increase Keyword search up to 200 characters

Opportunity to add:

  • Company ID on the bottom of the exhibit hall online floorplan @$500.00
  •  File Type: .gif, .jpeg, or .png. Less than 30KG, not to exceed 250w x 120h pixels.

Conference Bags

What makes a conference attendee? A conference tote bag, of course. The bags are ubiquitous throughout the convention center and include the highly valued Onsite Guide. This is your opportunity to brand an item that is distributed to thousands, and to increase your visibility in the information services industry.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Brand the bag and include your logo and website information


From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at Fire-Rescue International has hundreds of benefits for your business. Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at the show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching your existing clientele, and building a more established and reliable brand. Guaranteed to increase your exhibit-success, these customizable advertisements will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference in high traffic areas!

  • Hanging Banners @ $10,000 per banner
  • Floor Clings @ $6,000 per 20 
  • Window Clings @ $6,000 per 20

Conference Info Pads

In response to attendee interest, notepads will be included in the conference tote bags to enable attendees to jot down session quotes and notes without having to fire up their laptops. Each page will recognize, and provide information about, the sponsoring organization.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Customizable branding on each page of notepad
  • Insert company materials (company responsible)
  • Option to include special ticket for prize in 4 of the notepads, and require attendee to visit sponsor booth to redeem

Button Ad Package

IAFC emails thousands of prospects and members each year promoting the show, be a part of this campaign and reach buyers before the doors even open. This opportunity is limited to three [3] companies. 

Sponsor Benefits

  • Your button ad will appear in EVERY promotional email sent by Fire-Rescue International

Attendee Bag Insert

Sponsor Benefit

  • Ability to provide a single sheet of literature inserted in each attendee conference bag.
  • Bag insert opportunities are limited to ten total and are only available to exhibiting companies.

*Attendee bag inserts do not qualify for the sponsor benefits listed above