Sponsorship Opportunities

Reach beyond the booth

FRI is the premiere event to reach the industry's most influential leaders in fire and emergency services. Maximize your impact through advertisement and sponsorships to stand out from the crowd. Customize a program to deliver ROI for your goals.

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Each FRI 2020 sponsorship includes these general sponsorship benefits:

  • Added Priority Points for FRI 2021 space selection: One point per $1,000 of sponsorship
  • Complimentary pre- and post-show attendee mailing list
  • Company ID on sponsor recognition signage at the Convention Center for the duration of FRI 2020
  • Company ID on IAFC's FRI website sponsor page
  • Recognition in the official onsite guide

Networking Events

International Reception ($2,500 co-sponsor)

With an ever-growing international presence, connect and share ideas with others traveling from long distances. In 2018, more than 100 attendees joined in the fun. IAFC to provide introduction and sponsor can deliver welcome remarks and provide logoed giveaway.

Company Officers Luncheon ($3,500)

Join over 150 Company Officers in the section luncheon with an VIP invitation for up to two (2) representatives and opportunity for sponsor to provide brief remarks.

Metro Chiefs Luncheon ($6,500)

This is a unique opportunity to meet and network with over 30 metro chiefs in one room at one time with an VIP invitation for up to two (2) representatives and opportunity for sponsor to provide brief remarks.

First Timers Meetup ($3,500)

Make an impact with new attendees during this meet-up with IAFC Leadership, members staff, and program planning committee with an VIP invitation for up to two (2) representatives and opportunity for sponsor to provide brief remarks.

Fail Fest ($2,500 co-sponsor)

Fail Fest is a celebration of mistakes and mishaps, but more importantly recognizes failure as a key part to innovation, growth, and improvement. VIP invitation for up to two (2) representatives and opportunity for sponsor to provide brief remarks.

Diversity Breakfast ($5,000)

The diversity breakfast is a great place to engage with other leaders interested in fostering diversity and inclusiveness in their department and throughout the fire and emergency service. VIP invitation for up to two (2) representatives and opportunity for sponsor to provide brief remarks.

Education Events

Company Officer Leadership Symposium (COLS) Levels I, II & III (Exclusive Sponsor) ($15,000)

Introduce company officers to leadership education and provide training to meet the Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) of NFPA 1021. Here are COLS registration numbers for the last three years to give you a sense of the potential audience.

Chief Officer Leadership Symposium (CHIEF) Levels I & II (Exclusive Sponsor) ($15,000)

Increase your current skill set as a chief officer and learn new strategies and material to ready yourself for advancement. CHIEF is a two-level program, one for those new to the role and the other for more veteran officers. Discover topics such as community risk reduction, HR, operations and health and safety.

Executive Chief Officer Leadership Symposium (ECO) (Exclusive Sponsor) ($15,000)

Take advantage of valuable insights from experienced presenters, focused on your advanced development at the executive level. ECO is a two-level program, intended for both aspiring and current chiefs. The courses focuses on community marketing, research and data, mutual aid and mergers.

Chief's Edge (Exclusive Sponsor) ($15,000)

Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Chief's Edge program and is an integral part of the executive education experience. This intense seminar takes a fresh look at leadership principles, fosters extensive peer-to-peer interaction, and provides the practical skills needed to become a more effective leader.

Opportunities in the Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall is busting with activities. The HUBS will be interactive, invigorating, and invaluable. With live demonstrations, educational sessions, networking, and fun. Sponsorships will be custom with your company objectives and mission in mind!

Got Goals?

We can design a customized experience to maximize your company brand, presence, and experience!

Leadership Insights: Inspiring continuous growth by thinking with fresh insights, stretching our understanding, and igniting ideas.

Human Talent: Recruiting, retaining, developing, rewarding, and enhancing performance to improve individual and organizational value.

Responder Wellbeing: Promoting the health, happiness, and prosperity of responders including behavior, life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning and purpose.

Future Forward: Exploring an intelligent future through vision, foresightedness, innovation, and creativity.

Operational Excellence: Executing results-driven strategies for the individual and the organization to efficiently, effectively, and reliably deliver service excellence.

Branding Opportunities

Mobile App Sponsorship ($10,000)

The mobile app for Fire-Rescue International provides you with the opportunity to connect with attendees in a unique and personal way. The custom-designed, comprehensive mobile app puts all event information at the attendees' fingertips- anytime, anywhere- with real-time updates provided at the conference.

Conference Bags ($10,000)

What makes a conference attendee? A conference tote bag, of course. The bags are ubiquitous throughout the convention center and include the highly valued Onsite Guide. This is your opportunity to brand an item that is distributed to thousands, and to increase your visibility in the information services industry.


From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at Fire-Rescue International has hundreds of benefits for your business. Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at the show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching your existing clientele, and building a more established and reliable brand. Guaranteed to increase your exhibit-success, these customizable advertisements will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference in high traffic areas!

Exhibit Hall Aisle Banners SOLD OUT
Hanging Banners $10,000 per banner
Floor Clings $6,000 per 20
Window Clings $6,000 per 20

Button Ad Package ($1,500)

IAFC emails thousands of prospects and members each year promoting the show, be a part of this campaign and reach buyers before the doors even open.

Advertising Monitors ($1500 Per Screen- Duration of Event)

Advertising Monitors are located throughout the PCC campus. Still Image Ads- 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall (RGB at 72dpi in jpeg format). Animated graphics or moves must be provided as “Mpeg2” or “.mov” format. Ad monitor videos must be provided as mpeg or mpeg2 at HDTV 1080p, 29.97, high quality.

Video Walls ($2500 Per Wall- Duration of Event)

Two video walls are in the lower level near Hall 3 and Hall 5. Each is comprised of four 75” monitors with full sound and cable TV capability including video playback. Video must be 1920X1080 Mpeg2 or Mpeg 4 files.

Attendee Bag Insert ($1,500)

Ability to provide a single sheet of literature inserted in each attendee conference bag.

Exhibitor Enhanced eBooth Listing ($150)

An online branding package offers exhibitors additional avenues for reaching and impressing fire service leadership.