• When can I make my hotel reservations?

  • What hotels have been reserved? What are the rates?

  • I need to reserve a room but can't pay for my registration now. What do I do?

  • I only need housing for FRI. How can I reserve a room?

  • I’m an exhibitor. How can I reserve a room?

  • I've been contacted by a company trying to get me to book hotel rooms - is this legitimate?


IAFC Membership


When and Where


  • Is there parking available?

  • Will I receive credit for the sessions I attend?

  • Where are the networking events being held?

  • Do I need a ticket for the special events?

  • What are the Exhibit Hall hours?

  • Are children allowed in the Exhibit Hall?

  • Does FRI have a conference app?

  • Where can I find session information?

  • Will internet be available during the conference?

  • What meals are provided at the conference?

  • My question is not here! Who should I contact?