About the LMA Conference

Attendees network at a conference event

Connect. Collaborate. Cooperate.

After a 5-year hiatus the Labor-Management Alliance (LMA) Conference is back. The LMA Conference is an educational opportunity for fire chiefs and union leaders to gain valuable knowledge about how to foster and enhance cooperative and collaborative working relationships. The conference is hosted by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the International Association of Fire Fighters.

By attending, you'll learn how the Labor-Management Alliance can help you increase focus on the goals that will benefit your organization and its members. You'll also discover new ways to work through and past labor-management obstacles to accomplish more for the fire department and the community you serve.

About the Labor-Management Alliance

Strong labor-management relationships are critical to effectively address the financial and operational difficulties most fire departments are facing in the current economic environment. The Labor-Management Alliance (LMA) program is designed to be a proactive resource to avoid and eliminate these issues.

The IAFC and IAFF began the Labor-Management Alliance program in the 1990s and LMA leaders and facilitators are highly experienced and successful fire chiefs and union presidents. Together they form the team that helps fire departments build and enhance positive, cooperative labor-management relationships.

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