Keeping the Lug Nuts Tight on the Chariot Wheels!

The demands of managing a public-safety organization can be overwhelming. We become so busy with day-to-day tasks that finding time to strategize about the future keeps getting pushed off until the future crashes headlong into our organization and we find ourselves unprepared. This results in what I call keeping the lug nuts tight on the chariot wheels.

In other words, we do our best just to keep the status quo and aren’t moving ahead and preparing for the future.

The busier we get, the more limited our professional world can become, until it stops at the four corners of our desk. We become isolated within our own organization. We miss new and innovative opportunities to expand our revenue stream or innovative ways to provide service at a lower cost.

Innovation is happening in the fire service. The question is, do you know about it? If you do know, do you have time to develop an implementation strategy?

This is where Fire-Rescue Med (FRM) can rescue us from this tough and dangerous place.

Fire-Rescue Med brings leaders from across the nation to share their wisdom and insight on their innovative programs, leaders who speak to the wicked problems facing fire and EMS service today.

Fire-Rescue Med expands our horizons from the four corners of our desks to the amazing changes that are happening everywhere around us.

FRM not only addresses new and innovative initiatives but also gives leaders a chance to increase their own leadership abilities and be better prepared for advancement, something that can also get left out of our crazy busy schedules. Consider the following.

Do you find yourself responding to ever increasing EMS run loads by merely adding more 911 units at a staggering cost? One breakout session will identify what is driving this increased EMS demand, explain the trends impacting your patient mix and acuity, and identify effective and innovative techniques you can use to address this impact.

Ever wonder what a typical city manager is looking for as they interview prospective fire chiefs? Saturday’s EMS Leadership Academy will feature a past fire chief and city manager sharing what he looked for in a new chief and the “tie breakers” that helped him select the best candidate.

The Academy will also have a new fire chief share his experiences competing for the chief’s job, what he would have done differently and, since he has been promoted, what his first six months were like.

We’ll also have fire chiefs share what they look for when promoting captains and chief officers. This session will help you better plan your own career track and get that next promotion!

We experience a certain amount of dread when the threat of a lawsuit knocks on our doors. FRM will have a breakout session that will share solid ideas on how you can reduce the threat of lawsuits in your department.

Fire-Rescue Med will offer you solid solutions and get you out of just keeping the lug nuts tight on the chariot wheels, expand your horizon beyond the four corners of your desk and better prepare you for the future instead of getting run over by it.


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