President’s Letter: Highlighting the “International” in the IAFC!

The IAFC is a world leader in the fire service, and we are proud to present the second International Fire Operations Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Manama, Bahrain.

This conference is the result of our vision to expand the IAFC’s reach beyond North America. The global theme directly benefits you and your organization.

Over three days, February 25–27, we will hear from authorities on fire operations from the United States, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Each is chosen specifically for the valuable knowledge and information they provide to your organization.

The scope is unmatched by any other symposium.

Specialists will discuss such significant topics as fixed fire-protection systems, vapor-cloud explosions, fire-apparatus accessibility solutions, human behavior under fire conditions and much more. Other issues important to our members include large-scale response, hazardous materials, natural disasters, search and rescue, and public-safety policy.

This year’s International Fire Operations Conference is even larger than last year. The tradeshow and networking highlight the latest services and technology available in fire and emergency services. Attendees will enjoy a unique opportunity to mesh with hundreds of leaders from within the fire service and related industries.

The IAFC brings this to you in collaboration with the Fire Protection Department, Saudi Aramco; Ministry of the Interior Bahrain; Bahrain General Directorate of Civil Defense; and Directors of Civil Defense of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

And there is more to come in 2019.

In March, the IAFC proudly hosts the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Conference and the new Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference in Reno, Nevada.

These topics are timelier than ever in the fire service.

The critical nature of the wildland-urban interface is one that must be aggressively addressed. I speak from experience after recently being afforded the humble opportunity to personally inspect the fire destruction in Paradise, California. The community was literally burned to the ground after a devastating wildfire in November 2018.

The WUI Conference brings together firefighters, researchers and leadership at the local, state, federal and tribal levels to collaborate and address the multitude of challenges related to wildland-fire management.

The IAFC is also a leader in spearheading strategies for community risk reduction.

Our Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference is geared specifically toward the education and training needs of chief officers and other fire service managers who are seeking to create successful community risk reduction programs. Presentations will directly address challenges and resources for helping our community members live more safely.

I encourage you to try to attend as many of our conferences as possible. The value of networking is immeasurable. The contacts and resources you will develop add incredible value to your knowledge, reach and ability to be a change agent for your organization.

When you cannot be there in person, the IAFC has your back. Visit our online education and training opportunities. Members benefit greatly from our vast online presence. The IAFC is the gold standard for cutting-edge fire service information and resources.

Finally, I want to thank the members of our IAFC staff who work tirelessly to organize these conferences and educational opportunities. We are a mission-driven organization, committed to supporting current and future fire and emergency service leaders worldwide. It is an honor and privilege to work with this incredible team.

Fire Chief Dan Eggleston
President and Chairman of the Board


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