IAFC Legislative Update

April 3, 2019 Online


 CFSI's National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner is on April 25. This webinar helped prepare chiefs to meet with their Congressional members and educate them about the legislative priorities of the fire and emergency service, addressing funding for federal programs and what's new in federal legislation and policies affecting the fire service.  


  • Funding for the FIRE and SAFER Grant programs and the U.S. Fire Administration
  • New federal Medicare/Medicaid billing initiatives 
  • Legislation to address public-safety communications and transportation safety
  • Legislation to promote tax incentives for fire safety and volunteer firefighter recruitment


Ken LaSala, director of IAFC Government Relations and Policy
Evan Davis, government relations manager
Brandon Allen, government relations manager




Key info on PFAS chemicals that may be present in firefighting foam, potential health risks and actions being taken by state & local governments

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