Pipeline Emergency Response Training (NASFM)

Self paced | Online

Courses include:

Pipeline Emergencies: Introduction (awareness level)
Emergency personnel

Pipeline Emergencies: Intermediate (operations level)
First responders 

Pipeline Emergencies: Comprehensive (technician level)
Hazmat technicians 

Liquefied Natural Gas Emergencies 101


Overpressurization of Natural Gas Distribution System, Explosions, and Fires in Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts

A series of structure fires and explosions occurred in the northeast region of the Merrimack Valley in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Ethanol Safety and Steel Drum 101 Seminar Coming Davenport, IA - Don't Miss Out

There will be a Steel Drum 101 and Ethanol Safety Seminar training in Davenport, IA on March 4, 2020. ​