Webinar: NFIRS, Chiefs Round Table

February 26, 2021 Online

Fire Chief Chuck Flynn Suffield FD (CT), VCOS chair will lead a discussion with other chiefs and USFA staff on probing questions about NFIRS. Roundtable participants bring a varied need about NFIRS. USFA staff will be live to interact and discuss the needs of fire chiefs.

Potential Questions for Panel Townhall

  • Do you report all fires to the National Fire Incident Reporting System?
  • How does your report data get into the National Fire Incident Reporting System?
  • Do you use your fire report data for budget justification?
  • What statistical reports does the fire agency produce on its response time performance and the extent of local fire losses?
  • How do you make these reports available for the political groups and public?
  • How many calls did the department handle 10 years ago, and how many last year?
  • What percentage of growth has occurred? How has staffing changed in that time?
  • How are reports entered at the station level?
  • Does your department produce monthly data reports?
  • How do members get trained on the National Fire Incident Reporting System?
  • What question do you have for the National Fire Incident Reporting System staff?


  • What do I get out of NFIRS?
  • What are the benefits of NFIRS?
  • The reasons we have a NFIRS data system.


  • Chuck Flynn, Suffield FD (CT), Fire Chief, VCOS Chair
  • Norvin Collins, San Juan Island FandR (WA), Fire Chief, VCOS Board Member
  • Al Yancey, Minooka FD (IL), Fire Chief, VCOS Board Member
  • Marianne Casey, USFA
  • Marion Long, USFA
  • Dwight Crews, USFA
  • Jim Heeschen, USFA
  • David Millstein, USFA

National Fire Incident Reporting System



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