Advanced Educational Opportunities: Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to provide a guideline for the selection and processing of members’ requests to attend advanced training courses. This guideline is proposed for use by the Training Committee, which is chaired by the Department Deputy Chief. This guideline can be superseded by the Department Chief or Department President, with each others concurrence.

This program targets the “Staffing and Command Program” offered by MFRI in Ocean City, Maryland. This is in an effort to develop existing and future leadership with the BVFD. The Fire course is typically held in March and the EMS course in November. The goal is to send up to three (3) members to each program. Any other course will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the number of people interested in the Ocean City program first. If there are no Ocean City attendees, other courses will be considered based on number members, course fee, travel costs and room/board costs. Courses other than the “Staffing and Command Program”, such as the FDIC Program, must gain the approval the Training Committee and Department Chief or Department President, with each others concurrence, to be funded by the BVFD.

This fund is established for development and leadership courses and limited number “conferences”, not conventions. Any advanced course(s) held at a conference (or “convention”) should be equivalent to the “Staffing and Command Program” in length of time and “content”. These courses must gain the approval the Training Committee, and Department Chief or Department President, with each others concurrence, to be funded by the BVFD

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