IAFC Government Relations and Policy: What`s New on Capitol Hill (webinar)

WebEx archive: IAFC Government Relations and Policy: What's New on Capitol Hill (37 minutes)

Summary: Many IAFC members will be meeting with their Members of Congress on April 25 and 26 as they visit Washington DC to attend the 24th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner. Review this IAFC webinar to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information about what's going on in DC. The issues covered include the latest information on FIRE and SAFER grant funding, the funding for the U.S. Fire Administration, legislation affecting the taxation of volunteer firefighters, EMS legislation, and other issues that you should know about.

Chief Al Gillespie, IAFC President and Chairman of Board
IAFC's Government Relations and Policy Department staff

Live webinar conducted April 12, 2012

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