The Hazardous Materials Fusion Center is a project of the IAFC Hazmat Center. It is a free training and information portal for hazmat teams; first responders; federal, state, and local agencies; and the private sector.


This important network for first responders, launched in 2010, is an ever-changing website of training, tools and resources that increases first responders’ knowledge and capability. Utilization of the center improves the mitigation and response outcomes of hazardous materials incidents in communities across the United States, Canada and abroad.


Mission: Enhance hazmat responder safety and improve decision-making for responding to hazmat incidents.


Hazmat was around long before the fire service was formed. History allows us to learn from the past; the case studies below are examples of past incidents with educational value. They demonstrate how fast and devastating hazmat incidents can be.
Texas City Disaster
Kingman, AZ 1973
Miamisburg, OH Train Derailment


The Hazmat Fusion Center is developed and maintained by International Association of Fire Chief (IAFC) in partnership with federal and regional government, corporate and non-profit organizations. Learn more about our important partners and how we work together to get first responders the information and training they need.


The Fusion Center is managed by the IAFC's Hazmat Center staff, who work with the IAFC Hazardous Materials Committee and other experts to develop and distribute tools and training to improve hazmat responses.