Local Emergency Planning Committees

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LEPC 101: What is an LEPC and Why is it Important

This program is designed to create community training in preparing for over the road, rail and pipeline Hazardous Materials and other emergency incidents, especially in rural areas.

Targeted Wildfire Risk Reduction Opportunity

A total of ten fire departments will be selected to receive assistance on implementing wildfire risk reduction efforts in their communities.

Crisis Communications and the Role of the PIO

Are you and your PIOs prepared to meet today's challenges?

Education & Events

Regional Rail Response Online

Rural Response to Rail Incidents

Self paced |
This training is designed to help you better understand the rail industry, response efforts and agency-specific roles should a train derailment or similar incident occur in your area.

Pipeline Emergency Response Training (NASFM)

Self paced | Online
Pipeline Emergencies offers a comprehensive, integrated emergency response training program designed to teach emergency responders and pipeline industry personnel to safely respond and effectively manage pipeline incidents.
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