Exchange Experience


Face-to-face peer and stakeholder exchange, in limited numbers, is a critical component in developing productive relationships and partnerships. From these interactions come the efforts of focusing on broad outcomes for reduced fire risks and resilient, adapted landscapes. This begins by becoming more collaborative at local, state and federal levels concerning landscapes, community wildfire adaptation, and safe and effective wildfire response.

FDX Format


  • 3 fire department Steering Group members will facilitate interactive activities and discussions
  • Each exchange will include 5 selected participating departments facing WUI challenges at different levels from diverse geographic locations


  • Interactive, hands-on learning experience in which the Steering Group will guide participants through facilitated discussions and break-outs that are centered around the FDX Key Strategies
  • Participants will build a Post Exchange Action Plan (PEAP), a step-by-step plan to implement change or improvement in their department
  • 2.5 day event with travel on both sides
  • All travel, lodging and meals for 2 representatives will be covered


  • Orange County, California, February 5 - 9, 2024

FDX Commitment

It is imperative that participating departments fully commit to the exchange prior to, during and following the face-to-face event. Participants will present their department’s efforts, successes, challenges and lessons learned with the group throughout the exchange. After the exchange, participants will be required to implement their PEAP in their department to the best of their ability, and maintain valuable contact with staff and peers regarding their progress. Participants will use the FDX online platform established through Podio as a means to continue networking relationships after the exchange and record their wildland fire risk reduction work in the Achievement Management System (AMS).