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What Chiefs Need to Know About Hazmat Preparedness

Chief, are you prepared for a hazmat incident?

Congress Passes PFAS Legislation

There is a concern that firefighters’ exposure to PFAS may lead to cancer and problems with the thyroid and immune systems.

Continuing Education: The Lifeblood of the Hazmat Responder

Hazmat Responders Need to be Informed and Prepared.

IAFC and TC Energy Partnership Continues to Evolve

The partnership has led to successful training and community engagement.

Upcoming Events

Regional Rail Response Online

Rural Response to Rail Incidents

Self paced |
This training is designed to help you better understand the rail industry, response efforts and agency-specific roles should a train derailment or similar incident occur in your area.

International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference

June 4 - 7, 2020 | Baltimore, MD
The training offered at the Hazmat Conference provides immediate, practical and valuable information designed to ensure you successfully meet the demands of hazmat response in today's challenging environment.
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FRI2018 Logo

Fire-Rescue International

August 19 - 21, 2020 | Phoenix, AZ
FRI, the IAFC's annual conference and expo, provides senior-level leadership training for chiefs and officer development education for chief and company officers, new ways to connect with vendors and colleagues, and the latest solutions to today's toughest challenges.
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Hazmat Awareness v2 1280x720

Hazmat Awareness (ALERT via IAFF)

Self paced | Online
Web-based course designed to train responders to the operations level of hazmat response.

Mission: Enhance hazmat responder safety and improve decision-making for responding to hazmat incidents.