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New Standards Development Activity on Battery Safety

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is considering the development of a comprehensive standard, proposed as NFPA 800, Battery Safety Code, to provide uniform, minimum requirements to address fire, electrical, life safety, and property protection from battery hazards. Requirements are anticipated to include fire, explosion, and other dangerous conditions related to battery technologies as experienced through the lifecycle of a battery: raw materials and battery production through storage, use, and end of life. It is the intent to reference existing related standards, by NFPA and other standards developing organizations, where applicable and focus on developing requirements where there are gaps.

Request for Comments

Specifically, NFPA is seeking comments from all interested organizations and individuals to gauge whether support exists for:

  • The development of standards to address known hazards associated with batteries;
  • The development of standards to provide minimum requirements to ensure fire, electrical, life safety and property protection throughout the life cycle of batteries;
  • The development of standards to minimize loss and damages resulting from current and future battery technologies.

Please submit your reason(s) for supporting or opposing the initiation of standard development as proposed to stds_admin@nfpa.org no later than July 12, 2024.

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