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Fire & Life Safety Section

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Recent Activity Reports

6/10/15 FLSS Board Meeting Conference Call Minutes



Section Chair
Chief Adolf Zubia

IAFC Staff Liaison
Russ Chandler


Updates & Action Items

Selling a Home Protected by Fire Sprinklers Video:

Professional Certification of Fire Marshals
Dec. 13- FLSS developed a position paper outlining the importance of professional certification for fire marshals who interact with community leaders and professionals every day. The IAFC board of directors has approved the position statement supporting professional certification for fire marshals. Visit CPSE's Fire Marshal Designation webpage to learn more or to begin the application process.

Residential Range-Top Safety
Feb. 14- The IAFC has adopted a position on residential range-top fire safety drafted by the FLSS. This position and report help chiefs and other fire safety professionals better respond to inquiries about residential cooking safety and more effectively develop community risk reduction outreach programs.

As detailed in the report, Protecting Life and Property and Reducing Injuries From Fires Originating on Home Ranges (pdf), home fires and losses dominate the North American fire problem. Fires beginning with cooking appliances account for the largest shares of home structure fires and associated fire injuries in the U.S. and Canada. Electric ranges are by far the leading cause of home cooking appliance fires. The FLSS task group analyzed the characteristics of the home fire problem, assessed the potential of various protection technologies to reduce these fire losses and develop recommendations to reduce these fire losses.

IAFC Position Statement: Use of Residential Smoke Alarms
Aug. 2- The IAFC board of directors adopted the updated position statement on the use of residential smoke alarms (pdf) recommended by the FLSS. View all fire and life safety-related positions.

Online Vision 20/20 Fire Prevention Advocacy Toolkit
June 16- The Institution of Fire Engineers USA Branch (IFE-USA) launched a new web-based Vision 20/20 Fire Prevention Advocacy Toolkit that gives local fire departments the tools they need to prove the value of fire prevention in saving lives and reducing the impact of fire on a community and its economy. The program was funded by a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant and demonstrates the value of investing in fire prevention in these difficult economic times. The Toolkit was developed under one of the five Vision 20/20 strategies, Strategy 1 Fire Prevention Advocacy. This strategy is led by Alan Perdue, Emergency Services Director of Guildford County (NC), and the International Director of the IAFC's Fire & Life Safety Section. Director Perdue is also a member of the Vision 20/20 Steering Committee.

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