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Traffic Incident Management, accident scene, GIS m
Traffic Incident Management

Multi-vehicle accident, including a semi reported. Traffic is backed up. IC reports multiple victims and the semi hanging from an overpass. Does your locality have resources for a critical lift? Do you know what resources are near and available? More

Hero in You - Fire-Adapted Communities video
New Video: The Hero in You

Check out the PSA aimed at empowering residents to take appropriate action to prepare themselves and their property against the threat of wildland fire. Watch now

Radio tower
Frequency Coordination

New: IAFC/IMSA can provide the most rapid and cost-effective frequency-coordination services for the entire public-safety community. Learn more

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Do you know the role of the fire service in mobile integrated healthcare? This 16-minute podcast discusses the importance and opportunities for fire service leaders in this new arena. Learn more

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President's Letter: Have You Looked in the Mirror Lately?

Whether I'm at home in southern California or traveling across North America and the world, I'm reminded at almost every turn that we have a problem in the fire service—one that used to get a great deal of attention, but has fallen off the radar screen lately. More >

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Hi Darian, The Stockton Fire Department (Ca) is working with Tablet Command (TC). Our Battalion Chief Matt Knierim is the project lead for the development and deployment....

We are a small (3 station) career department who requires all firefighters below the B.C. level to pass an annual (arduous) pack test. Due to the terrain and our interaction with federal resources on ...

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