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Residential Fire Sprinklers
Voting Guide Volume II, Updated for Current Hearings

The Fire Service Voting Guide suggests fire service positions and comments for the ICC online consensus ballot voting period May 11-22.

IAFC Fire Chief of the Year Award
Honoring Fire Service Leaders

Time's running out to submit your nominations for Fire Chief of the Year. Nominate before June 5.

2015 Membership Campaign: Frampton
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how the IAFC’s online community helped me create a valuable program for my department. Check it out.

FRI - Fire-Rescue International 2015
Officers of All Ranks

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President's Letter:
Not a Politician? Think Again!

I’m not a politician. I don’t get involved in politics. Recognize these statements? Ever heard them from a fire chief? I have to admit making those statements myself. Whether we’re with volunteer, combination or paid departments, politics have a major influence in almost every aspect of the fire service. Read more >

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I am looking for any department that has existing policies on what charities you will participate with and what parades you will be a part of. You can respond directly to

Per your request, here are our SCBA inspection and PPE inspection and cleaning forms. For inspection training, Globe offers this online course: Of course it is specif...

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