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IAFC - International Association of Fire Chiefs
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IAFC members: vote now for IAFC 2nd Vice President and for proposed changes to the IAFC constitution and bylaws. Voting is open through Friday, July 10.

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FRI has several co-located events, including the iWomen Leadership Conference, Chief's Edge and the Terrorism in the Fire Service seminar. Find out more.

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Storm Recovery Resources

The IAFC offers an online storm response and recovery resource to support fire departments as they help their communities recover after the storm.

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Mentoring as a Mandate

Successful organizations are built on the wealth of their human capital. Most executives attain their positions through perseverance, tenacity and dedication—and through learning from mentors. Check out this On Scene article.

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We are the IAFC. Join us, join today! The IAFC provides training and leadership for today's chiefs and tomorrow's chief officers.

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Creating a Culture of Safety

It wasn't my nature as a recruit to question my officers, but in one case I couldn’t help myself: “Captain, don’t you think there would be a safer way of doing this?” His reply was “Newboy, if you’re worried about safety, you’re in the wrong line of work.” Without question, we've made much progress since those days. Read more >

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We have one Spartan chassis and will never own another one. Brake issues since day one. Been on a flat bed numerous times. Spartan nor the fire truck manufacturer would stand behind their product. ...

We have used part-time firefighters for the past 10 years, 12 or 24 hour shifts. Of the 15 part time firefighters 8 are full time in other departments and it has worked out very well. Our SOG's are th...

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