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Safety Week Resources: Vehicle Safety

These resources are coordinated by the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section. Additional resources will be added as we receive them.



National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System
This program aims to turn near-miss experiences into lessons learned.

2009 key area: Near-Miss Resources for Vehicle Safety (pdf)

2009 key areas: Discussion Questions for Group Reports (pdf)

National Seat Belt Pledge

Please sign the National Seat Belt Pledge

View the seat belt PSA featuring U.S. Fire Administrator Greg Cade and Marc Bulger, Quarterback St Louise Rams. Then click on Channels: Seat Belt PSAs to view others featuring fire chiefs.

Vehicle Accident Video - Importance of Seat Belts
Provided by the Australian Country Fire Authority (CFA) and dedicated to Captain Trevor Day


General - Safe Driving Policies

Driver Improvement Program

Safety Tape / Physical Barrier

AL - SAF 139 Intersection Approach

AL - SAF 138 Maximum Driving Speed

AL - SAF 068 Apparatus Placement at the Fireground

AL - SAF 003 Fire Apparatus Backing Procedures

AL - Driving SOP

AL - Emergency Vehicle Code

AK - EVOC Instructor Pamphlet

AR - Backing SOP

AR - Roadway Operations SOP

AR - Seat Belt SOP

AZ - Backing SOP

AZ - Driver Safety

AZ - Driver Safety SOP

AZ - Freeway SOP

AZ - Safe Driving Action Items

AZ - Unit Placement SOP

CA - Backing - RIALTO SOP

CA - Driving Policy SOP

CA - Vehicle Backing SOP


CA - Ventura County Admin Policy for DRIVER LICENSE



CA - Ventura County Admin Policy Use of Department Vehicles


CA - Ventura County Ambulance Assist in Driving SOP

CO - Modified Response SOP

CO - Driving SOP

CO - Emergency Driving SOP

CO - Emergency Response SOP

CO - Emergency Vehicle Operations Training

CO - Emergency Vehicle Response SOG

CO - Emergency Vehicle Use and Response SOP

CO - Highway Placement SOP

CO - Highway Safety SOP

CO - Response SOP

CO - Vehicle Placement SOP

CO - Vehicle Use SOP

CT - Highway SOP

CT - Vehicle SOP

DE - Movement of Apparatus SOP

DE - Emergency Responses SOP

DE - Roadway Operations SOP

DE - Vehicle Accident Assignment SOP


GA - Management of Roadway Incidents SOP

GA - Vehicle Operations SOP

Highway Safety Standard Operating Proceedure

IA - Risk Management SOG

IA - Roadway Incident Cue Card

IA - Roadway Incident SOG

ID - Emergency Response SOP

IL - Apparatus and Vehicle Operations

IL - Emergency Response Driving SOG

IL - Vehicle Operations SOG

IL - Backing of vehicles SOP

IL - Seatbelt use SOP

IL - Ambulance Safety During Transport

IL - Driver Safety SOP

IL - Driver Safety/Emergency Vehicle Operations

IL - Driving SOP.doc

IL - Vehicle Operations SOP

IN - Vehicle Ops and Accident review policy and procedure

KS - Driving SOGs

KS - Emergency Vehicle Operation

KS - Vehicle, Safe Parking

KY - Traffic Safety SOP

KY - Emergency Vehicle Operations SOP

KY - Fire Apparatus Placement SOP

KY - Safety Policy on driving

KY - Vehicle Operations SOP

KY - Vehicle Ops SOG

LA - Driving Emergency Vehicles SOP

LA - Emergency Response Driving SOP

LA - Riding Emergency Vehicles SOP

MA - Vehicle Operations SOP

MA - Backing vehicle SOP

MA - UMASS Lowell EMS Vehicle Regulation

MD - AA County Apparatus Safety Policy

MD - Safe Emergency Vehicle Operation SOP

MD - Driving Regulations

ME - Vehicle Operation Policy and Driving Law

MI - Apparatus Driver Certification Requirements SOP

MI - Emergency Vehicle Response SOP

MI - Emergency Scene Traffic Management

MI - Vehicle SOPs

MN - Emergency Vehicle Driving SOP

MN - Emergency Vehicle Response SOP

MO - Driving SOG

MT - Driver SOG

MT - Highway Traffic Guide

Navy - SOG 2-5 (Seat Belt Use)

Navy - SOP 4-1 (Operation of the 50ft Telesqurt Apparatus)

Navy - SOP 4-3 (Operation of the 3000 Gallon Tanker)

Navy - SOP 4-4 (Operation of BME Wildland Vehicle)

NC - Response Matrix SOP

NC - JPFD Apparatus & Driver Safety

NE - Apparatus Response SOP


NH - Vehicle Safety SOG

NJ Training Standards SOP

NM - AFD Backing Apparatus SOG

NM - AFD Driver Training SOG

NM - AFD Driving Policies and Guidelines SOG

NM - AFD Safe Positioning in Traffic ConditionsSOG

NM - Apparatus Accident Reporting

NV - 4x4 SOP

NV - Backing SOP(2)

NV - Off Road SOP

NV - Safety SOP

NV - Backing SOP

NV - Bay Door SOP

NV - Emergency Driving SOP

NV - Operating and Driving FD Vehicles SOP

NV - Response SOP

NV - Riding and Mounting or Dismounting Vehicles SOP

NY - Apparatus Operators Requirements

NY - Department and POV SOP

NY - Manning of Apparatus SOP

NY - Operations SOP

NY - Seat Belts SOG

NY - Vehicle SOG


OH - Vehicle Operations SOP

OH - Apparatus Driver Safety SOG

OH - Personal Vehicle Operations SOG

OH - Revised Code pertainint to Public Safety Vehicle Ops

OH - Roadway Safety SOG

OH - Vehicle SOP

OK - Emergency Vehicle Operations Training

OK - Preventive Maintenance of Emergency Vehicles SOP

OK - Vehicle Operations Emergency Conditions Policy

OK - Vehicle Operations Non-Emergency Conditions Policy

OK - Vehicles and Equipment SOP

OR - Accident Review

OR - Driver's-Operator SOG

OR - Operating Department Vehicles

OR - Vehicle Passenger Safety

OR - Vehicle Safety SOG

Ontario, Canada - Emergency Vehicle SOP

Ontario, Canada - Road and Highway Safety SOP

OR - Responder Safety SOP

PA - Vehicle SOP

PA - King of Prussia Responding with Personal Vehicle Policy


Responder Safety White Paper

SC - vehicle SOP

TN - Driver SOP

TN - Backing Fire Apparatus SOG

TN - Driver Safety SOP

TN - Driving SOP

TN - Moving Vehicle SOG

TN - Safe Driving SOG

TN - Vehicle Care SOP

TN - Vehicle Location SOP

TN - Vehicle Response SOP

TN - Vehicle Use SOP

TX - Emergency Response Practices

TX - SOP - Driver Training - Quints

TX - SOP - Apparatus Driver Responsibilites

TX - SOP - Riding Apparatus on Roadways

TX - SOG - Emergency Response Guidelines

TX - SOG - Traffic and Highway Safety

TX - SOG - Traffic and Highway Safety

TX - Pondersoa Apparatus Driver Training SOG

UT - Emergency Vehicle Response SOP

UT - Driver SOP

VA - Apparatus Spec & Purchase SOP

VA - Driving SOP

VA - Apparatus Operational Limits SOP

VA - Driving Emergincy Vehicles SOP

VA - Warning Devices SOP

VT - Driver Training Policy

WA - Vehicle SOP

WA - Operating Fire Apparatus

WI - Safe Vehicle Operations Policy

WI - Safe Vehicle Operations Procedure

WY - Driving SOP

WY - Seat Belt SOP

WV - Vehicle Code

Training & Drill Topics

General - Responder Safety Highway Standdown '07 Drill (ppt)

General - Responder Safety Highway Standdown '07 Drill Notes (ppt)

Firefighter Tailboard Talk on Safe Vehicle Operations

Is Your Rig Ready?
Pre-trip inspections ensure your apparatus is prepared for the next call

2007 Safety Stand Down Emergency Operations on the Roadway Drill

General - Apparatus Must Stop When Drill

General - Apparatus Safety

General - Approaching the Scene Drill

General - Backing Up Apparatus Drill

General - Emergency Response Model

General - Initial Apparatus Positioning Drill

General - Personal Responsibility in Vehicle Response Drill

General - Roadway Operational Safety Drill

General - Safe Apparatus Positioning Drill

General - USFA - Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
Designed to assist fire and EMS departments with training in emergency vehicle driving operations.

General - USFA - Safe Operation of Fire Tankers
Tankers account for the most firefighter crash deaths of all types of fire department vehicles. This report examines the causes of problems for tankers and their drivers.


General - MFRI Apparatus and Driving Operations Drill

CA - Ventura County Driver Training

CA - Ventura County Safe Apparatus Positioning in Traffic Training

CA - Safe Driving Lesson Plan

CA - Safe Veh Practices Drill

MD - Apparatus training curriculum


NJ - Emer Veh Oper Training

NJ - Highway Safety Drill outline

NJ Driver-Operator Safety Course

NM Los Alamos LAFD Apparatus Docs
Detailed Vehicle Training Curriculum

OH - The following weekly fire drills were provided by Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder of the Loveland-Symmes (Ohio) Fire Department.

PA - Highway-Safety Training Package

Accident Reports

TX Tankers

Wildland Report - Firefighter Fall From Moving Engine

Wildland Report - Vehicle Accident

NIOSH Tanker Report

LAFD Preliminary Accident Report

Fire Apparatus/Train Collision (Catlett, VA - September 1989)
A summary of the investigation reports prepared by the NTSB about the incident, in which two firefighters were killed.

KY Ambulance Accident

Drive Cam

Posters & Handouts

Download this and other FF safety posters (8.5X11) to print and post in your department at the IAFC Responder Safety Tips area.

Alive on Arrival--Tips for Safe Emergency Vehicle Operations
Details actions that emergency vehicle operators and passengers can take to enhance safe operations.

Railroad Crossing Safety


EFO Risk Management Paper

IAFF Emergency Vehicle Safety article (pdf)

Sit Down and Buckle Up!

VFIS Articles Operation Safe Arrival

Wildland Vehicle Safety Article

General Emergency Vehicle Safety Resources

Responding to Lights and Sirens

Privately Owned Vehicle Safety

IAFC's Guide to Model Policies and Procedures for Emergency Vehicle Safety 
Resources to assist departments research and develop their own written policies and procedures for emergency vehicle safety.
Several applicable resources to assist you in your Safety Week planning

IAFF Emergency Vehicle Safety Program

USFA - Emergency Vehicle Safety Initiative
Identifies practices that have the potential to decrease the growing risk to safety at highway incidents and to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur while responding to and returning from incidents.

Move Over Laws
A number of states have move over laws, which require motorists approaching stationary emergency vehicles to pull over or slow down to a reasonable speed.

Vehicle Rescue Safety
Tips to stay safe responding to and at incidents.

Weekly Emergency Vehicle Report
Provided by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, this vehicle report is a weekly inspection report.

Responder Safety White Paper

Responder Safety Institute

Roadway Incident Safety Checklist
An 8-step check list to improve firefighter safety during roadway incidents, provided by the CVVFA Emergency Responder Safety Institute.

Drive to Survive  Vehicle Safety Resources and Information

IAFC Response Safety Tips



Resources on the IAFC's Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week website are provided for informational purposes to advance fire/EMS health, safety and survival. Their availability on the website does not constitute endorsement of any kind by the IAFC. The resources are not vetted and individuals/organizations that use them assume all responsibility for their use.