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First Responder Guide for Improving Survivability
Protect Your Community

A new report from DHS outlines recommendations to better approach IED and active-shooter incidents that will contribute to saving lives. Learn more in this On Scene article.

Supreme Court Upholds PPACA

The Supreme Court has issued its 2nd opinion involving the PPACA. As it continues to unfold and develop, there are several important factors for fire departments to consider. Learn more in this On Scene article.

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Creating a Culture of Safety

It wasn't my nature as a recruit to question my officers, but in one case I couldn’t help myself: “Captain, don’t you think there would be a safer way of doing this?” His reply was “Newboy, if you’re worried about safety, you’re in the wrong line of work.” Without question, we've made much progress since those days. Read more >

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Chief Mohr: Our department has six (two per shift) operations personnel (FF thru LT) assigned as shift fire investigators to augment two fire prevention personnel who have fire investigation as part...

Here are some questions we have used in the past. ------------------------------ Robert Seltzer Chief Smithfield Fire Dept Smithfield RI ------------------------------

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