About VCOS


To develop and enhance effective, professional leaders of the volunteer and combination fire service by providing tools, resources and representation to lead their organizations effectively.


To be the leading fire service organization in the United States, representing, and educating leaders of the volunteer and combination fire/rescue services. 


The IAFC Volunteer & Combination Officers Section was formed in 1994 as the “Volunteer Chief Officers Section.” The name was later changed to accentuate the growth of combination fire departments. The first Section Chair was Chief John M. Buckman, III, who subsequently became the first international director when the section achieved a seat on the IAFC board. The first secretary/treasurer was Chief Robert T. Bettenhausen who served in that position from 1994 to 2007.


The VCOS Board of Directors consists of nine at-large members and the international director, who sits on the IAFC board. The VCOS Executive Committee consists of the section chair, vice chair, secretary/treasurer and the international director. The at-Large members and the international director are elected by the section members. The chair, vice chair and secretary/treasurer are selected by the current members of the board of directors after the annual meeting of the section at Fire-Rescue International.