Safety & Health

It is critical for emergency service organizations (ESOs) to ensure the health and safety of their members. The inability of an organization to maintain high standards of safety or to ensure the health both mental and physical of their members increases risks to the individual member and the community as a whole.

  • Resource

Accident & Injury Investigation

The purpose of this guideline is to provide a process for investigating accidents / incidents.
  • VCOS Best Practices Cancer Poster

Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer Poster

The poster provides specific actions to take to address the cancer epidemic and protect firefighters.
  • IAFC Respect Zone branding

Bullying and Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit

A toolkit policies, tips and tools to help prevent bullying and violence in the workplace.
  • Emergency Services Road Map to Health & Wellness

Emergency Services Road Map to Health & Wellness

Next generation Fire Department Guide to NFPA 1582: Info, education & sample documents toward implementing a comprehensive wellness program.
  • A Healthcare Provider

Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Firefighter Physicals

Research-based guide to help primary care providers evaluate, treat and monitor firefighters' unique health and wellness needs.
  • IAFC KnowledgeNet

IAFC KnowledgeNet

Discuss issues and solutions with other IAFC members online, share SOPs and other resources
  • VCOS_ribbonnReport_2017_1280x720

VCOS Yellow Ribbon Report - Under the Helmet: Performing an Internal Size-Up

Background, statistics, resources, and action items toward a proactive approach to mental wellness in the fire & emergency service
  • VISION The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network

VISION: The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network

Resources that focus on specific areas of challenges relating to creating and sustaining viable emergency response programs