Capabilities & Competencies

VCOS VISION imageThe existing national standards prescribe a one-size-fits-all training curriculum for structural firefighters. States may or may not follow the national standards or may modify the national standard to fit their individual situation. Some states have reciprocity and some do not.

Alaska's Project Code Red/Basic Firefighter

Alaska Department of Public Safety Project Code Red/Basic firefighter program.

Blurring The Lines for a Realistic Fire Service

Tiered response program with different physical & training requirements based on individual participation levels.

Firefighter Training: Best Practices for Exterior Firefighters

Recommended minimum training standards based on firefighter tasks and promote best practices for firefighter training and education.

Florida Volunteer Firefighter Training

Florida Division of State Fire Marshal and Florida State Fire College volunteer firefighter training.

Mississippi Training and Certification Programs for Volunteer Firefighters

Mississippi State Fire Academy training & certification programs for volunteer firefighters.

NFPA 1001 Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

NAFTD official position on NFPA 1001.

Ohio Volunteer Firefighter Training

Ohio Department of Public Safety's Volunteer Firefighter Training program.

Oregon Fire Ground Leader Task Book

Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training's Fire Ground Leader Task Book.

Oregon Fire Ground Leader Training Program

Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training fire ground leader training program
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TAMPA 2 Report: Carrying the Safety Message into the Future

Final report from NFFF’s 2014 TAMPA 2 Firefighter Life Safety Summit to review and discuss the 16 life safety initiatives.

White Paper on Volunteer Firefighter Training

Policy position stating that all volunteer fire departments should establish a goal to train all personnel based on NFPA 1001.