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Public Consulting Group

Sustainability Now! Looking at the Actions and Impacts into Sustainability for Fire & EMS Agencies

November 30, 2023 Online
This webinar examines actions that agencies have taken to maintain sustainability.
Vector Solutions

A New Era in Public Safety Training and Certification Management

December 7, 2023 Online
Learn how AgencyConnect, can help state and local agencies save time and money.

Decision Making as a First-Time Incident Commander

December 13, 2023 Online
This webinar explores the fireground factors for residential structure fires
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Mental Health Programming Within the Department

January 9, 2024 Online
This webinar covers the mental health aspects for first responders.
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Storytelling: The Importance in Your Role as an Instructor

January 30, 2024 Online
Join us for this webinar as we share stories about teaching.
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Your Membership Cannot Meet the Call Volume Requirements

February 6, 2024 Online
This webinar will discuss the critical aspect of retaining an adequate number of trained volunteers.
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Critical Thinking - What Does It Mean?

February 13, 2024 Online
Learn about the benefits of critical thinking
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Amber Ribbon Report Best Practices for Fire Service Canines

February 20, 2024 Online
Learn about the purpose of the Amber Ribbon Report as it defines roles and standards for the use of canines within fire and EMS organizations.
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Relationship Building

March 19, 2024 Online
This webinar will provide an understanding about the importance of building relationships to become an effective leader.
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Exit Interviews

April 4, 2024 Online
Webinar will review the importance of conducting exit interviews for career and volunteers
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When a Firefighter Dies: Beyond the Dollars and Sense

April 9, 2024 Online
This webinar will delve into the emotional topic of a firefighter line-of-duty death

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Are Your Antiquated Rules Driving Volunteers Away: Panel Discussion

One size does not fit all in managing today volunteers Gen Z members

Inside the Mind of Today’s Volunteer

Learn some of the information Chief John Buckman has learned from his conversations with young people across a broad spectrum

GEMT MythBusters

PCG will review the current state of GEMT landscapes and guidance from CMS and the potential future of supplemental payments.

Search and Rescue Tactics in Single-Story Single-Family Homes

Learn how research isolation and exterior ventilation done properly can reduce the toxic/thermal exposure

Alternative Payment Methodologies for Medicaid Supplemental Reimbursement for Emergency Transports

This webinar will cover IGTs and PCGs for ambulance providers aimed to help states and emergency transport providers recoup additional Medicaid funding.

Conducting Relevant Employee Performance Reviews

Learn about the benefits of ongoing employee coaching vs. annual evaluations.
IAFC Academy
Whole Community Planning for Disaster course

Whole Community Planning for Disaster

Self-Paced Online
This course will provide information on why/how community organizations and others can participate in inclusive emergency planning processes to improve resiliency.
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Leading and Developing Volunteers "Get Used to Different!"

Learn how to lead and develop your volunteers in this online course from Indiana VWS.
Propane Learning Center

Propane Learning Center

Self-Paced Online
The Propane Education & Research Council offers a variety of training courses to improve your knowledge of propane sales, marketing, and safety.
WUI Chiefs Guide Online Course

WUI Chief’s Guide – Online Course

Self-Paced Online
Provides guidance to help you and your community prepare, mitigate, respond, evacuate, and recover from wildland fire events
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A Practical Approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the Volunteer Fire Service

Learn how to build a diverse and inclusive department that accurately reflects your community
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Volunteer Administrative Leadership Series (VALS)

VALS, the Volunteer Administrative Leadership Series, helps departments develop skills and knowledge in documentation, finance, recruiting and retaining members.

Mentoring I: Re-energizing Your Department Culture through Positive Influence

Information and resources for establishing or enhancing a mentoring program for improved retention.

Mentoring II: Developing and Retaining Firefighters Through Relationships

Information and resources for developing mentoring skills
Regional Rail Response Online

Rural Response to Rail Incidents

Self-Paced Online
This training is designed to help you better understand the rail industry, response efforts and agency-specific roles should a train derailment or similar incident occur in your area.
VWS logo

Overcoming Cultural Barriers for a More Inclusive Volunteer Workforce

Strategies for engaging, recruiting and retaining volunteers from diverse backgrounds and communities

Chief 101

Self-Paced Online
Interactive training for chief-level officers to effectively execute roles and responsibilities of volunteer department leadership positions.
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Barriers to Volunteering: How a Traditional Approach is Limiting Your Department

Learn ways to recruit new members from untapped pockets of your community.
The IAFC Launches a New Online Training Fire Adapted Communities for the Fire Service

Fire Adapted Communities for the Fire Service

Self-Paced Online
This course introduces the key components of working with your community to adapt to the wildland fire threat.

Bridging the Multigenerational Divide in Your Department

Self-Paced Online
Learn to recognize generational biases, identify how biases impact interpersonal communications, and ultimately be a good agent for change.
Compressed hydrogen

Hydrogen Response Considerations

Self-Paced Online
This 2-hour, 4-module online course focuses on basic education on hydrogen fuels.