Surviving the Job Webinar Series

Register today for a 6 part webinar series exploring key information you need to know when it comes to firefighter cancer risk reduction.

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A Focus on Behavioral Health

Report provides resources, action items toward a proactive approach to mental wellness in our industry.

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Wildland Fire Highlighted in Congressional Briefing

IAFC educates Congress about current wildland fire issues

IAFC Urges Expanded Support for Nonprofit Fire Departments

IAFC urges the SBA to assist private nonprofit fire departments.

Are You Doing Enough to Engage Your Community?

There are many ways we as fire service leaders can engage our communities.



Bridging the Multigenerational Divide in Your Department

Self paced |
Learn to recognize generational biases, identify how biases impact interpersonal communications, and ultimately be a good agent for change.
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A Practical Approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the Volunteer Fire Service

Self paced |
Learn how to build a diverse and inclusive department that accurately reflects your community
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Barriers to Volunteering: How a Traditional Approach is Limiting Your Department

Self paced |
Learn ways to recruit new members from untapped pockets of your community.

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To provide chiefs and chief officers who manage volunteers within a volunteer or combination fire, rescue or EMS delivery system with information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism. Learn more

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Lavender Ribbon Course Instructor Materials

Lavender Ribbon Course Instructor Materials
Preserving the Tradition of Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Preserving the Tradition of Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Check out these whitepapers and posters on retention and recruitment.

You're the Fire Chief; Now What? Guidance for New and Interim Fire Chiefs

Guidance to assist in first 100 days as a new or interim chief.